Mazda in the legends
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Mazda in the legends

Mazda in the legends

Only 38 participants, too restrictive regulations (consumption, weight, motorization leading to absences of Toyota and Nissan…) will generate a rather special race: the appearance of the 905 Peugeot with atmospheric engine will be short-duration [3rd hour for the No. 5 (engine), 7th for the No. 6 (Rosberg not wanting to fix the gearbox on the track)], The Jaguars will be too limited by Fuel consumption to play the victory and the Porsches too heavy to hold the distance without mechanical problems.

In C2, the favourite team, Mercedes (No. 1, 31 and 32) will take advantage of the setbacks of the 905 and the Porsche to take the lead. The best lap in the race will be the work of a certain Michael Schumacher, on the 31 (associated with Wendlinger and Kreutzpointer).

The rebound will occur at 1 p.m. on Sunday when Mazda n ° 55 (Gachot-Herbert-Weidler) will steal the lead from a superheated Mercedes (Schlesser-Mass-Ferté) and finish with 2 and 4 laps ahead of the Jaguar n°35 and 34. This is the first Japanese victory, as well as a rotary engine.

In C1, the fight will have involved 7 Spice, a Lancia, a ROC and an ALD. Only to see the checkered flag, Spice No. 41 will win, as a result, its category.

Note the construction of new stands, guaranteeing better security at the different stables, but less friendly to the public.

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